Watch It Now – Essential Documents Webinar

YH Advisors conducted the first of many educational EO webinars on March 22, 2012. This particular webinar focused on exempt organization governance issues through the discussion of the essential documents (legal, internal and otherwise) which any exempt organizations should take heed of.  Some of the topics focused upon during the webinar were:

  • The most important documents for an exempt organization to possess
  • The public disclosure rules contained in the Internal Revenue Code and the IRS Regulations
  • Practical guidance regarding the essential provisions to be contained in some of the documents
  • Internal policies and procedures that should be implemented by an exempt organization

Because this initial webinar was available on a complimentary basis to all registrants, we have posted a recording of the webinar below. All of our webinars focus on providing the exempt organization practitioner and exempt organization executive with guidance, as well as valuable resources and tools, that best ensure that they possess the requisite knowledge regarding nonprofit entities.

Please look out for our future EO webinars, including the next one which will be conducted on May 8, 2012 and will focus on exempt organization special event fundraisers and how such should be accounted for and reported on the applicable information tax returns.

Please contact us at with any questions or to be added to our email database to receive information regarding upcoming webinars and a copy of our quarterly newsletter, “The YH Exempt Org Advisor”.



Click Here to View the Materials for the Webinar