Reinstatement of Tax Exemption

In June of 2011, the Internal Revenue Service released and posted an initial list of approximately 375,000 exempt organizations nationwide who automatically had lost their tax exemptions as a result of not filing anything with the Internal Revenue Service for three consecutive years. Since then, approximately 225,000 additional exempt organizations have had their tax-exemptions automatically revoked.

The Internal Revenue Service has determined that a great majority of the revoked entities are either defunct or have no desire to continue operating as an exempt organization, however, the IRS has also determined that a good number (approximately 10%) of the entities on the revocation list still wish to be classified as exempt organizations on a go forward basis.

That being said, we provide the following specific services to entities wishing to have their tax exemptions reinstated after such were automatically revoked by the Internal Revenue Service:

  • Preparing Tax Exemption Applications claiming a reasonable cause exception for certain exempt organizations to be able to obtain retroactive reinstatement of their tax-exemption.
  • Preparing Tax Exemption Applications for prospective reinstatement for exempt organizations not qualifying for the reasonable cause exception for retroactive reinstatement.
  • Advising organizations currently on the Auto Revocation List regarding their available options if they wish to have their tax-exemptions reinstated.
  • Helping exempt organizations on the Auto-Revocation List go through the dissolution process if they so not wish to continue operating as an exempt organization.

Additionally, we also help organizations in re-obtaining their state tax-exemption if such has been automatically revoked by their particular state of domestic or operation.