We are always very excited to work with start-ups in the exempt organizations area. Because of our distinctive expertise, ability to effectively leverage much work and our relatively low overhead, we are well-positioned to provide very valuable and essential services to start-up exempt organizations without adversely affecting their initial cash flow situation.

We offer a wide array of services to start-up exempt organizations; specifically, we provide the following services related to the formation and start-up of an exempt organization:

  • Helping get the entity incorporated.
  • Helping the entity draft their initial set of Bylaws.
  • Helping the entity conduct their initial Board of Directors meeting.
  • Helping the entity obtain their Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Helping the entity open their bank account.
  • Preparing of the federal and state (if applicable) Tax Exemption Applications.
  • Reviewing exempt organization prepared Tax Exemption Applications before filing to identify any “red flag” or other “hot button” issues which could delay the approval of the Tax Exemption Application.
  • Helping the entity register with their state Secretary of State and/or Attorney General (if applicable).
  • Helping the entity set-up their initial Chart of Accounts and other facets of their initial accounting infrastructure.