Potentially Shining a Brighter Light on California Charities

In late May of 2014, California AB2077 was introduced by California Assemblyman Travis Allen of Huntington Beach. AB2077 quite simply would permit the Department of Justice in California to access a fund of approximately $7 million to exercise oversight and dispense discipline over charities gone wrong operating within the state of California. This fund of approximately $7 million has been built up over the years as a result of the registration fees paid by California charities when they file their annual Form RRF-1 with the California Attorney General and by the registration fees paid by professional fundraisers operating within California. Nor surprisingly, AB2077 was passed unanimously by the California Assembly and is now being considered by the California Senate.

Specifically, the $7 million fund would be utilized to support positions to handle court actions against California charities, provide outreach to unregistered charities in California, review Forms RRF-1, review audited financial statements of charities and provide public education in California regarding the charitable sector.