Exempt Organizations Tax/Legal Update in the Lone Star State

Last November, Brian had the privilege of being asked to present at the Mississippi Nonprofit Conference in Jackson, Mississippi. At a dinner the evening before the Conference commenced, Brian had the opportunity to meet a preeminent EO attorney, Frank Somerville, who was also presenting at the Conference. After they had both presented the following day, Frank inquired of Brian whether he would be interested in presenting at the Texas Nonprofit Conference in May of 2014.

That being said, on May 19-20, 2014, Brian presented an Exempt Organizations Tax/Legal Update in Dallas, Texas. Topics covered during this presentation were as follows:

•    The §501(c)(4) political targeting controversy
•    Realignment at TE/GE within the Internal Revenue Service
•    The Determinations backlog at the Internal Revenue Service and the recently introduced draft of the Form 1023-EZ (Tax Exemption Application)
•    The provisions in the proposed Tax Reform Act of 2014 which could be relevant to exempt organizations
•    Which of the 2014 Internal Revenue Service Dirty Dozen Tax Scams exempt organizations need to be aware of
•    Recent examples of “bad apple” professional fundraisers
•    Revisions of note to the 2013 version of the Form 990
•    One important revision of note to the 2013 version of the Form 990-PF
•    The recent plight of small exempt organizations
•    The Internal Revenue Service’s recent focus on unrelated business activities
•    State charitable solicitation registration updates

Please not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive a copy of my Texas Nonprofit Conference presentation slides.

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