Directory of Development Organizations

We work with so many exempt organizations that provide services to the global community. For many, their work is concentrated in one foreign country. But for some, their charitable activities expand to many regions an even across continents. One of the biggest challenges that these entities face is how to work in and with the foreign countries that they are serving. Every country has a different set of rules for charities operating within their borders. Layer onto the different rules and regulations an entirely different language…and entities oftentimes find their selves swimming in a mess of bureaucracy and red tape.

The internet has for a long time been the disseminator of information for the global charities.  We have most recently found a link to a wonderful site that is a great resource for entities operating in foreign countries. The website lists out over 70,000 international development organizations and has been prepared to “facilitate international cooperation and knowledge sharing in development work, both among civil society organizations, academic and research institutions, governments and the private sector”. The directory groups countries by continent, then sub-categorizes each country alphabetically. Within each country, organizations operating in the country are categorized by name. The contact information for each entity is provided, as well as helpful notes and websites when available.

The directory aims to promote interaction and active partnerships among governments, private sector and key development organisations in civil society, including NGOs, trade unions, faith-based organizations, indigenous peoples movements, foundations and research centres. as a comprehensive source of reference for development practitioners, researchers, donor employees, and policymakers who are committed to good governance, sustainable development and poverty reduction in foreign countries.

Please visit to review the amazing resource provided by this entity.