Complimentary EO Webinar – February 12, 2013

This webinar will be focused upon providing the exempt organizations practitioner and the exempt organization executive with guidance and valuable resources/tools to best ensure that they possess the requisite knowledge to address all of the applicable exempt organization tax/legal/accounting issues which they may confront. What makes this (complimentary) webinar most distinctive is that the entire presentation will be fueled by either pre-submitted questions by the webinar participants or questions from the webinar participants which are conveyed during the webinar itself. More Info

Private Foundations Webinar – December 18, 2012

Private foundations are subject to far more burdensome regulations than public charities are. Additionally, private foundations are restricted from undertaking numerous types of activities. This webinar will help participants understand these regularions better, learn the rules and regulations to which foundations must adhere, and understand the different excise taxes while learning strategies to take advantage of certain tax attributes and benefits. More Info

EO Compensation Webinar- October 4, 2012

The compensatory practices of exempt organizations, specifically charitable organizations, probably receives more intense scrutiny than any other operational aspect. For any charitable organization that is compensating one of their insiders, it is essential that the applicable reasonable compensation documentation rules and regulations be heeded and rigorously followed. More Info

Form 990 Update Webinar – July 19, 2012

The Form 990, the annual filing that many exempt organizations and nonprofit entities are required to file with the IRS, is often misunderstood and rarely given the proper attention by tax practitioners. This webinar focuses on the most controversial areas of the twelve-part Form 990 and its 16 additional schedules. In addition, we will also address recent updates to the ever-changing form and discussing certain exposure and “red flag” items on the return. More Info

Special Events Webinar – May 8, 2012

Fundraising special events and mail solicitation campaigns are currently subject to intense scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service and the various state Attorneys General. That being said, it is essential that the exempt organization practitioner or executive be keenly aware of all the pertinent federal and state rules and regulations governing the conducting of fundraising activities by an exempt organization. More Info

Governance Webinar – Rescheduled for March 22, 2012

Please join Brian Yacker and Lauren Haverlock for an upcoming webinar which address the essential documents that all exempt orgs should have, including organizational documents, necessary legal policies, procedures statements, and other documents. More Info

CalCPA Advanced Private Foundation Course – January 11, 2012 [San Francisco]

Join Brian Yacker and Lauren Haverlock on January 11, 2012 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco for an advanced course discussing private foundations. More Info