Trump Foundation: What To NOT Do as a Private Foundation

Regarding the very surreal 2016 Presidential election one of the more popular topics of discussion which had received heavy media play was the tax-exempt organizations formed and operated by both the Clintons and the Trumps. More Info

9/20/16 – Form 990 Core Form

9/19/2016 – Common Form 990 Errors

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Registration is now available for YHEOU’s webinar series. This distinctive four-part webinar series will delve into the most pertinent tax and legal topics which are confronted by different types of exempt organizations from a federal, state and local perspective. More Info

EO Tax + Legal Update – May 6, 2014

This webinar is a summary of everything that has occurred in the exempt organization sector since May of 2013, including news from the Internal Revenue Service, news from the exempt organization universe, IRS audit activity in the exempt organization sector, exempt organization compliance (Form 990) updates, state updates and news and notes regarding other exempt organization tax/legal issues. More Info

Private Foundations – February 26, 2014

This webinar will address the most common and significant errors and transgressions of private foundations that we most often see in our daily practice, including, but not limited to, transactions with disqualified persons, scholarships to individuals, foreign grants, expenditure reimbursement, expense allocation, and minimum distribution requirements. More Info

Public Support – January 22, 2014

This webinar will be focused upon providing the EO practitioner and executive/financial personnel with guidance and valuable resources/tools to best ensure that they are understanding the applicable public support rules and regulations. More Info

Tips and Tricks to Avoid UBIT – December 10, 2013

This webinar will provide guidance and valuable resources/tools to best ensure that tax practitioners and exempt organizations alike are properly calculating their exempt organization’s unrelated business income tax liability. More Info

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Registration is now available for YH Exempt Organization University’s Southern California conference, a two-day conference dedicated to exempt organization tax, legal and accounting issues. Learn more about this educational conference today. More Info

2012 Form 990 Update – May 8, 2013

This webinar will address the new lines and questions on the 2012 version of the Form 990, common Form 990 preparation mistakes, the “trip-ups” and “red flags” contained on the Form 990 and will provide ample opportunity to all attendees to receive answers to the their Form 990 specific questions. More Info