Brian Yacker Awarded the Outstanding Discussion Leader Award for 2017 by the AICPA

Trump Foundation: What To NOT Do as a Private Foundation

Regarding the very surreal 2016 Presidential election one of the more popular topics of discussion which had received heavy media play was the tax-exempt organizations formed and operated by both the Clintons and the Trumps. More Info

50/50 Raffles Now Permitted Under California Law

Governor Jerry Brown just signed SB-549 into law in California which will permit charities associated with professional sports teams to conduct 50/50 raffles. What are some of the requirements of this new law and how can other exempt organizations conduct 50/50 raffles? More Info

Form 990 Preparation Sequencing

By virtue of the hundreds of Forms 990 which we annually prepare, we have developed the following sequencing guide to optimally and most effectively prepare the Form 990. More Info

IRS TE/GE Council (Pacific Coast)

On June 8, 2015, by virtue of Brian’s participation of the TE/GE Pacific Coast Council, Brian was part of a quarterly conference call with Tammy Ripperda of the Internal Revenue Service. Tammy is the head of the Exempt Organizations division of TE/GE. As usual, Tammy was quite engaging and open, providing updates on the following EO matters. More Info

Exempt Organizations Tax/Legal Update in the Lone Star State

Summary of Brian’s EO Tax Update presentation to the Texas CPA Society More Info

Two May Days in the Nevada Desert

Potentially Shining a Brighter Light on California Charities

New CA legislative proposal re oversight of charitable entities More Info

On the TE/GE Scene

Brian Yacker gives us an update from the new IRS TE/GE Commissioner, Sunita Lough at the IRS TE/GE Annual Joint Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. More Info

Proposed FASB Changes to EO Reporting

Recently, the Financial Accounting Standards Board proposed changes to existing reporting requirements surrounding the net assets of exempt organizations. FASB is aiming to add clarity to exempt organization financial statements by eliminating the three classifications of net assets. More Info