CalCPA Advanced Private Foundation Course – January 11, 2012 [San Francisco]

Join Brian Yacker and Lauren Haverlock on January 11, 2012 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco for an advanced course discussing private foundations. There are few professionals out there who truly undersand the tax issues confronting private foundations. Look no further than this course to have that expertise delivered. Receive intensive instruction on the complex issues that apply to most private foundations. Additionally, there is an in-class Form 990-PF review exercise to provide big-picture guidance regarding the Form 990-PF.


  • Increase your understanding of the applicable rules and regulations relevant to private foundations.
  • Learn how to effectively and efficiently review Form 990-PF.
  • Review tax planning techniques that will provide significant value to your private foundation clients.
  • Become more familiar with the various excise and penalty taxes imposed on private foundations.

Major Topics:

  • Strategies to minimize the net investment income excise tax
  • Private operating foundations
  • Governance of a private foundation in California
  • Termination of a private foundation
  • Self-dealing transaction traps for the unwary
  • Calculation of gross investment income
  • Allocation of expenses to column (b) of Part I
  • Reconciliation of Form 990-PF to financial statements
  • Strategies to best satisfy the minimum distribution requirements
  • Reasonable compensation documentation
  • Correcting self-dealing transactions
  • Avoiding taxable expenditures
  • How to exercise expenditure responsibility
  • How to obtain Internal Revenue Service approval for scholarship programs
  • Calculation of “indirect” qualifying distributions
  • Strategies for determining FMV of assets
  • Identification of charitable assets
  • Effective utilization of excess distribution carryovers
  • Big-picture review strategies for Form 990-PF
  • Common Form 990-PF preparer errors
  • Analytics for Form 990-PF
  • IRS private foundation hot-button areas
  • Analysis of actual private foundation returns for large, private foundations
  • Dealing with donations to charitable support organizations
  • Permitted lobbying for private foundations